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Search over 25,000 higher education courses in the UK. Browse undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-masters, MBA, English language and foundation study options by location, level and subject type, building a list of courses that suit your requirements for studying in the UK.


In the UK, numbers of universities serve educational needs of the students from different nations who are likely interested in pursuing their studies in this country.

Application Process

Applying with EDUMOZ is fast and simple. We recommend three universities, edit your personal statement and review your supporting documents. We test your English language level and help build a plan to achieve your target score.

Cost Of Living

Prior to finalizing the decisions to study abroad, you should also have sufficient knowledge related to the expenses or cost involved in studying and living in the UK.

Admission Process

Student!! It’s high time now. The admission processes in the UK universities have started. The admission process in the UK universities is as follows:

The first step towards the admission in the UK universities is undertaking the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). These tests assess a candidate on the basis of English proficiency he or she possesses so that no difficulty is faced while pursuing studies in foreign Universities. Although the tests can be taken by the candidate later on in the process, it is always good to be sure of the results to boost your confidence.

All your documents are required to be attested and arranged as per the requirement of the UK Universities. In addition to this, two letters of recommendation are required from your school teachers or employers. Furthermore, a candidate has to write an essay about his life achievements in about two pages, which will include his reasons to study in the UK, long-term plans, career goals, experience and anything that you believe will help your case in front of the admission committee.

The application process is initiated with the candidate filling the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services) form, which allows the aspirant to apply for five different universities. However, it is to be noted that only one form can be filled in an academic year. The above stated documents are required to be attached to the UCAS form and submitted in a timely manner. The students will receive a confirmation email for the submitted form.

After that, the admission committee of the respective universities will analyse your application and documents, based on which they will decide if to provide you with the offer letter. The status of the application will be updated on the UCAS, as well as an email will be sent to the students. From the offer letters received, the student will have to select a university to study from and selecting one will automatically cancel your application to others.

However, if the student does not receive any offer letter from the universities applied by the student, he can use UCAS Extra through which the student gets a chance to apply for one more university.

Based on the offer letters received, the candidate will have to deposit the fee, either by bank transfer or through a credit card as per the date described in the offer letter. Upon deposit of fee, a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) will be received by the student, which is important to obtain a Tier 4 visa application.

Application for the Tier 4 visa, which relates to the student visa, should be made to the British embassy. With this, the student may also receive counselling from the embassy regarding the things to be carried, opening a bank account, insurance facility and others, like the environment in the UK. This will help the student to prepare for the stay in the UK.
The final step includes booking your tickets, packing your bags and to get ready for the learning experience that will change your life in every aspect.
In case you face some difficulty or require further clarity on the process, please feel free to contact us.