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Search over 25,000 higher education courses in the UK. Browse undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-masters, MBA, English language and foundation study options by location, level and subject type, building a list of courses that suit your requirements for studying in the UK.


In the UK, numbers of universities serve educational needs of the students from different nations who are likely interested in pursuing their studies in this country. Education from core universities is the ultimate dream of the every individual for enhancing knowledge and gaining prosperity.

Application Process

Applying with EDUMOZ is fast and simple. We recommend three universities, edit your personal statement and review your supporting documents. We test your English language level and help build a plan to achieve your target score. Our visa team can help secure your student visa.

Cost Of Living

Prior to finalizing the decisions to study abroad, you should also have sufficient knowledge related to the expenses or cost involved in studying and living in the UK. We provide the estimated cost of your stay in the UK with the help of proper research. The estimated cost of living in the UK as per our research is approx. £7,000 – £9,000 per year.


Edumoz is a guide for students who are having high concern about their career and development. We are here to assist you to have wings to your career aspiration by providing you with opportunity to have association with UK based university. We help students to have knowledge of foreign university, courses offered by them, benefits and career aspects of the courses and process of getting admission in the university. By browsing our site, students have broad view regarding the process and opportunities of studying in the UK. We have tie ups with more than 50 top class universities in different parts of the UK, which offer more than 1000 academic and professional courses. We also have our associates in the UK who are have close relations with the UK based university and expertise to handle admission process in them.


  • ID: 62

Engineering degrees offer the chance to specialize in many of today’s most exciting and dynamic fields – with career prospects to match. Perhaps you’ll study electronics engineering, and play a role in developing the micro technologies of the future. Or maybe you’ll choose a civil engineering specialty, contributing to maintaining…

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Computer Science

  • ID: 148

If you’re looking for a path to a lucrative and exciting career, consider a graduate degree in computer science, says our guide.It seems fair to argue that computer technology has, more than anything else, shaped the modern world. Things that we now take for granted– the internet, mobile phones, medical…

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  • ID: 149

University courses in the fields of business and management are among the most popular worldwide, at both undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Business and management degrees range from broad and comprehensive to highly specialized programs, spanning subjects including accounting, finance, business administration, economics, marketing and management – each of…

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  • ID: 800

Finance degrees are often offered in conjunction with a related subject, such as accounting, business or economics. Indeed, finance is part of the interconnected FAME group of subjects (finance, accounting, management and economics), which are some of the most popular courses at both undergraduate and graduate level. Essentially, finance is…

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Masters in Accounting

  • ID: 809

Accountancy is often referred to as the universal language of business: along with finance, this field is uniquely positioned to touch many aspects of business. Companies and organizations are increasingly relying on qualified accountants to drive their profit margins and help them understand the nuanced dynamics of financial success, while…

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