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Search over 25,000 higher education courses in the UK. Browse undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-masters, MBA, English language and foundation study options by location, level and subject type, building a list of courses that suit your requirements for studying in the UK.


In the UK, numbers of universities serve educational needs of the students from different nations who are likely interested in pursuing their studies in this country.

Application Process

Applying with EDUMOZ is fast and simple. We recommend three universities, edit your personal statement and review your supporting documents. We test your English language level and help build a plan to achieve your target score.

Cost Of Living

Prior to finalizing the decisions to study abroad, you should also have sufficient knowledge related to the expenses or cost involved in studying and living in the UK.

Universities in the UK

In the UK, numbers of universities serve educational needs of the students from different nations who are likely interested in pursuing their studies in this country. Education from core universities is the ultimate dream of the every individual for enhancing knowledge and gaining prosperity. Around the world, education hub in the UK is highly renowned and well known where large number of students from different nations studying with an aim of building career in the field of IT, Management, Science , Financials and Marketing.

Total 2,299,355 students are studied in the UK in which 1,759,915 and 539,440 are registered in undergraduates and graduates degree respectively. In the long history, the position of Universities in the UK is well known for imparting education or supporting in teaching and learning of the great artists, leaders and philosophers.

There are number of top Universities in the UK such as : University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, The University of Edinburgh, University College London, University of Glasgow, Imperial College London, The University of Manchester, University of Leeds, The University of Nottingham and more others. Among the top universities, universities throughout Wales, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland are the four top universities that contribute highly in career building of international students.

Lancaster University

Lancaster is among the top and renowned universities of the United Kingdom providing inspiring research and professional teaching practices to international students and learners. The University has keen concern towards providing good learning experience and employ-ability. The University promotes ambitious students in about 24 countries of the world. The University provides several academic and degree courses for students from among which you can select your desired courses.

Leeds Metropolitan

Leads metropolitan is a modern professional university ranked among the top universities of the United Kingdom. The university is committed to provide ensured success to its students with a global reach and innovative environment to work with. The university helps to create leaders that are ready to take any opportunities from the life. The university believes in delivering quality material to its students so that they can reach to a newer edge of success.

Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a public research University with its location in New castle upon Tyne in the north eastern part of England. The University was founded in 1843 as a school of Medicine and science and in 1963 it became independent from University of Durham. Newcastle University is described as red brick university and is a member of Russell group which is an association of 24 renowned public research Universities of UK. Around 20,000 students from across 120 countries study in this university and it includes around 24 academic schools and 40 researches institutes with three faculties: Faculty of Humanities and social sciences, Faculty of medicine science and the faculty of science, agriculture and engineering.

Glasgow University

Glasgow is one of the oldest, cherished and reputed institutions of UK. It is a premier-level institution with high -class education system and there is availability of premium educational services for its students. Glasgow University features beautiful, historical and lush green campus with more than 100 different buildings. It also has hosted 2014 Commonwealth Games. The Glasgow has been established for more than 500 years and has nurtured , educated and trained great minds such as great economist -Adam Smith, writer- producer – Steven Moffatt and Prime Minister- Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman to name a few

Cardiff University

Cardiff University established in 1883, as one of Britain’s leading universities. The university is located in Cardiff, Wales, and United Kingdom. Cardiff University’s expertise in research and research led teaching involves social science, engineering, technology and business. Their Academic schools are organized into three colleges: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Bio-medical & Life Sciences and College of Physical Sciences & Engineering.